Kids Trucker Hat - Wonder Girl in Lavender and White


Wonder Girl


She's strong, she's smart, she's capable of anything she puts her mind to; she is a Wonder Girl! This colorful design features beaming rainbow letters spelling the word 'Wonder' at the top, and 'Girl' below with two stars on each side. These pastel rainbow colors complement the lavender foam and mesh perfectly against the white foam background. Your girl is sure to feel like the super hero that she is when she wears this hat.

Available in Lavender.

- 5 panel trucker hat

- Snapback for adjustable fit


– Based off the average head circumference, by age (50th percentile growth chart)

– Measure in centimeters around the child’s head just above the eyebrows


Mini  6 -18 months (45-49 cm)
Big 18 months - 5 years (49-53 cm)
Super 5 -10 years (53-57 cm)